Be a Giver, not a Taker

I, and everyone else in this messed up world, probably want to be known as a giver. No one wants to be known as that a-hole who just takes from everyone and never knows when to give back. Well that being said, there is a definite difference, and you can usually tell right when you meet someone, between a giver and a taker.

daiseyAs a giver, I love to surprise people, give presents, make people happy, and all with no incentive to get something in return. I truly enjoy seeing happiness and excitement on other people’s faces. Givers will give, time and time again, no matter what they get in return.

I was in a relationship where I surprised my boyfriend countless times. His cute little smile never failed to make me happy in return. I loved taking him on surprise dates, making him dinner, taking him to my cabin randomly, buying him his favorite things, etc. But I soon realized about two years into the relationship, that I was unhappy with that. I wasn’t unhappy with the fact that I wasn’t being “woo-ed” or that I wasn’t receiving presents, I was unhappy that he didn’t WANT to make me that happy as well.

Many, many relationships you come across are going to be like this. I can’t even DESCRIBE to you how many “takers” I have had as friends. But I think naturally, givers gravitate towards takers so that they can feel useful and fulfilled. All we really want in life is to feel fulfilled. Well, after a certain point and a certain number of times of feeling used, givers get burnt out. I guess in a way, they can turn into takers. We don’t need any more takers in this society.

I love to make people happy and it will always be that way. I will continue to do everything I can for others. But all I have to say, is that if you have a fragile heart or mind, stay clear of the takers. They will drain you!


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