To be somewhere, and to actually see where you are


Like anyone else, I get burnt out at my job from time to time. I work with dogs, so you’d think that’s very hard to start to hate. But after you scoop dog crap, smell like pee, and have dog hair coming out of your nose week after week, you may find yourself a little burnt out as well…maybe. So anyway, I often dream of traveling or getting a little “vacation” to break this boring habit of work, eat, coffee, workout, sleep.

Before I tell you my epiphany, let me just tell you what my normal week looks like. I go to work from 9-5 monday through friday and deal with more than 90 dogs on a daily basis (and about 10 cats daily but who cares about them, right?). I’m often too tired to do anything before or after work, besides go running every night for about two hours. Weekends consist of working out, running, and doing stuff for my own dog, and visiting my lovely Oma. So, needless to say, my life is surrounded by animals and/or family. Which isn’t a bad thing, I mean I want to become a Veterinarian. So this is what my life will be like and I should get used to it. But it’s okay to enjoy my yearly vacations to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and my other random little trips in-between. But what happened to me the other day astonished me….

So my boyfriend is in the marines (gosh, my life is starting to sound sucky, I promise it’s fun and I promise we’re happy!) and he came to visit me last week from Florida. To say I was excited is an understatement. So we went on our trips to Greenlake and we just spent the week getting out a doing fun stuff, to get me out of my work routine and him out of his gettingyelledattwentyfourseven routine.


So we went to Greenlake, one of our favorite places to go together. And as we sat on this bench overlooking the lake, I was staring at the water through the trees, bushes, branches, etc., and I realized, WHO NEEDS A VACATION? In that moment, I felt the happiest I have been in a long time. I wasn’t worrying about the next days events or needing to plan out my days, I was just happy in that spot. I didn’t want to move. Of course it’s good to get out and explore the world, that’s my number one goal in life. But I have this beautiful scenery right here that I can literally walk to from my house. I kid you not, ever since that day I started writing in that exact spot. Maybe because it looked a little bit like Mexico, and I miss mexico (haven’t been there in 6 months… come on that’s sad), but maybe just because I didn’t realize the beautiful “quiet spot” I had right in front of me.


So anyway, I kind of realized that all it takes for you to get out of your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly “funk” is to just get out of the house and explore. Get out of that damn repetitive routine that has you feeling in a rutt, and just take even an hour out of your day to sit outside and listen. I go to green lake every night and run around it one, two, or even three times, just to get my run in and get out. But I don’t exactly take in the scenery like I could. To be somewhere, and to actually see where you are, are two different things. I can snap a picture as I run by the opening in the trees and can see the sunset for a split second, but am I actually seeing the beauty that is there? No. But that day, sitting on that bench with my boyfriend, I finally saw it! I finally saw that you can get out of your “funk” anywhere you are. It doesn’t take a plane ride and a taxi, a fancy hotel, and some margaritas (oh god, all that sounds amazing right now) – it just takes you sitting there and looking. Observing the nature around you. Look how pretty ANYWHERE (maybe not Idaho, come on) in the world can be!


Moral of the story, working your ass off and being relaxed don’t have to be in completely separate universes.



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