Starving Yourself Thin


Just don’t eat.

The other day I was talking with a friend and he asked why I was working out. I told him I like to workout to feel good about myself, and at this very moment I am working on getting my abs back. His response baffled me: “Just don’t eat. That’s all you have to do.” There are SO many things wrong with this scenario.

#1. Why do I need a reason to workout?

People often get judgements because they “work out too much.” You don’t need a reason to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. I know it doesn’t feel like a compliment in the moment, but it is. People like to judge others when they’re doing something positive in their life because they wish they had the courage, determination, whatever, to do the same.


The first rule to gaining muscle in general: EAT. Eat enough so that your muscles get the nourishment they need to grow! If you starve yourself, you may get the look at that you have slight abs, but if you eat carbs the next day you’re going to be bloated. As my favorite workout page to follow on FaceBook, BodyRock, would say: “Abs are made in the……Kitchen!”

#3. “That’s all you have to do.”

Now you really are a blabbering idiot. Looking good, feeling good, and being the best you can is not an easy task. Don’t underestimate the courage and strength it takes to get someone moving and to eat clean. Never demean someone’s efforts.

#4. Be happy for others

Just because you don’t want to workout, doesn’t mean that I should stop working out as well. If you don’t feel happy about yourself, it doesn’t mean others can’t be happy about themselves. All it takes is for you to be comfortable in your skin.


All of that being said, working out is not the only way to feel good about yourself. Heavens no. I went 15 years of my life without working out (aside from sports). I was happy as can be. But to fill time after I stopped playing sports as much, I decided to take up running, and my love for fitness spiraled from there. Whether someone wants to workout or not, it’s not something you can judge or try to convince them of doing the opposite. But on my original note, “working out” has gotten a negative stigma just as much as a positive one. While people who are involved in the fitness community love how many people are getting into it as well, people who aren’t into it think it’s some sort of “cult” and choose to judge and say it’s talked about too much, people take it too far, etc. Let others be happy in their own place, not everyone needs to be just like you.





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