That one time I was on sale at a PetStore


No, I’m not for sale you crazy old man.

So as I’ve said, I work in a Pet Hotel. Basically a human hotel but for dogs and cats. So what we do all day is sit in a room filled with up to 16 dogs and play with them. This room has a GIANT window – one whole wall. Customers come by all the time and antagonize the dogs, kids try to piss them off and think its funny (I certainly do not think it’s funny and I make sure they know that), old people come and admire the cute little pooches, whatever. Dog lovers (or haters i.e. the kids) of all kinds come to see these dogs play.

Well, I for one, hate being in the playrooms because you are constantly being watched. If a dog starts a fight, which happens a lot because dogs are very snappy sometimes, I’m immediately to blame even though I can’t read dogs minds. People complain about everything: that we didn’t clean up the pee/poop quick enough, that we’re not playing hard enough with the dogs, that we look bored, literally anything. So needless to say I always have my cheery face on in there, I’m always playing fetch or cuddling some sort of dog, and I clean up accidents right away (yes, Bellevue mom that’s right! Your complaint made a difference in the world..)

So anyway, this one day I was just sitting with about 5 puppies on my lap. I had probably been working at the Pet Hotel for less than a month at this point, so I wasn’t completely comfortable with people coming by the window and watching me. I felt like I was constantly doing something wrong, even though I wasn’t. Well an older (but very handsome) man comes by the window and is just watching. So naturally, I start talking to the dogs and acting like I’m having the best time of my life, like I’m at Disney Land or something. The guy just kept watching. 20 minutes go by and the guy just keeps watching. By now I’m awkwardly smiling and playing fetch and really, seriously wanting him to leave.

Then he went up to the front desk where my managers sit and of course now I’m freaking out. I was scared sh*tless because I thought he was going to complain about me. My very first complaint, how embarrassing. Well, then I see my managers and him laughing and whatnot then the guy smiles at me. I was like whatever can he leave now. But instead he just comes back to the window and watches me for about another hour.. Now I’m creeped out and so annoyed that I’m not even pretending to play anymore. I’m making it obvious that I don’t want him there, and my face is about the color of a tomato or a fire truck.

When the guy FINALLY left, my manager came in to tell me that he asked if the things in the room were for sale. My manager said she awkwardly laughed and explained that no, these dogs have owners that take them here to socialize while they’re at work. The guy then said “no, I mean the cute girl in there.”

I was horrified. I was the size of an ant.

So this whole time that man was watching me, admiring me? I mean some would take this as a compliment, but me being awkward and nervous all the time, just sits there and contemplates all the things I did and how he probably interpreted them and how if I would have known he was admiring me I probably would have not made eye contact.

Big compliment, and he wasn’t a bad looking guy by any means, but come on dude, really? At work? And you’re trying to pick up a 20 year old girl in a Pet Store? Cute.



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