12 common things Vegetarians hear on a daily basis

12 (sadly) common things Vegetarians hear on a daily basis



1. What do you eat then!?
Well, to write that list could take up an entire dictionary, plus more. I have a HUGE variety of foods that I eat, and I’m always adding onto that. For you to ask me that is a little bit personal as well, it’s none of your business. Now I don’t care at all, but I mean imagine how weird/random it would be if I just said “so what do you eat?” How long would it take you to answer that? Probably as long, if not longer as it would for me. I eat like any normal person, just without the meat.

2. All vegetarians are healthy
Seriously? I mean, thank you for the compliment, I really do appreciate it! But I could list vegetarian foods on here for hours that aren’t even close to being healthy. Hell, I could live off Dorito chips and not touch anything relating to meat my entire life, but is that healthy? Definitely not. The reason I choose to get angry at this is because it still takes work to be healthy. I don’t just choose to be Vegetarian because it’s healthy and easy. I still have to stay away from the cakes, the ice cream, the cookies, the candy, etc. I just choose not to eat meat. Also, I know a hell of a lot of unhealthy vegetarians out there….. Some people don’t just use the vegetarian eating habits for a “diet.” It truly is a lifestyle for me, and my reason is because I love animals and can’t imagine eating them. Not because it’s my sole purpose in being healthy.

3. “Is all you eat grass?”
Yes, actually. I go and search out farms with the best grass and just tear it up and eat it right off the root! So delicious. Jeez. That’s almost as idiotic as me asking you as a meat eater is all you eat chicken talons? No! Everyone has variety, and to tell you the truth the only time I have eaten grass is in those Jamba Juice orders that have shots of grass in them.. and I don’t even know if that is truly grass! But hey, I do love salad.

4. All vegetarians are skinny
I promise you they’re not. And if all vegetarians were skinny, in this day and age, where everyone wants to be skinny, I guarantee there would be a lot more vegetarians out there then. As I said in #1, choosing the vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t exactly equate to being skinny. I will say though, that cutting red meat out of your diet will help you lose weight since it’s really not all that great for you. But seriously? There are skinny, average, and overweight people in all walks of life. Don’t stereotype.

5. “You’re going to hate me because I eat meat.”
Do you hate me because I don’t eat meat? Don’t be dumb. Not all vegetarians stereotype carnivores just like not all carnivores stereotype vegetarians. I may not agree with your way of life but I would never hate you for it, just as I expect the same respect.

6. All vegetarians push their beliefs on others
Anyone who has a belief may tend to “push” it on others. I certainly would never sit there and try to convince you of cutting meat out of your diet, simply because if you had the want/will to do it, you would do it on your own. If you ask me about it, of course I would tell you the benefits and the reasons why I am but I would never sit there and push being a vegetarian on you, just as I would demand the respect of you not doing that to me either.

7. All vegetarians talk about is being vegetarian
I could say this about anyone. Do you know how many times I hear “Oh I could just go for a big, fat, juicy steak right now” or “mmm that piece of chicken looks so crunchy but greasy at the same time” or “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!” I don’t want to judge, but if you ask me, I hear carnivores talk about eating meat way more than I talk about eating vegetarian food.


And just to make this clear, I hate when people bring up the fact that I’m a vegetarian. Read about another author who hates this topic as well here. I mostly hate talking about being Vegetarian because Vegetarians have gotten a bad rep. It’s become the new “hipster” thing to do and I hate that about it. I get uncomfortable with all of your questions about why I became “this way” why I am “this way” what else I eat when I’m “this way.” I’m just like you, I just don’t eat meat.

8. “So you don’t eat dairy or bread then?”
I said I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan. How is this such a common misconception? Do your research before you ask questions……..


9. The reason you’re so skinny is because you’re a vegetarian.
As I said in #3, no. Being a vegetarian may be a factor in my body weight, but it is not the sole reason I am a vegetarian. People like to put down positive things in other people’s lives (the reason for that, I will never know), so it is easy to put my body to shame and say there is one sole reason for it and that reason is stupid. But no, being a vegetarian is a choice I made because I love animals. And heck, I made it when I wasn’t even 10 years old. So that’s 11 years of my life now that I could have gained weight some other way…. I’m not thin solely because I am a vegetarian.

10. “Here, just try this piece of meat, I won’t tell anyone.”
Alright, now you just went and pissed me off! Why should I care if you tell anyone that I ate a piece of meat? It’s how I feel that would matter to me. I would feel guilty beyond belief if I ate meat! Because my belief is that animals are living creatures, and should not die for us to eat. I live off of things that aren’t living. I don’t give a crap who you are going to tell what I ate! It has nothing to do with you, and I won’t participate in your silly game, thank you!

11. You need more protein.
You may be right. And trust me, I have suffered from a few things as being a vegetarian. But that’s why I do it the smart way. I take my iron supplements, I get my protein from other sources (beans, high protein vegetables, etc.), I’m smart about it. I’ve been doing it for over 11 years… I think I’d be dead now if it were that life threatening. Also, your ribs aren’t the only source of protein for me so get them out of my face.


or there’s my personal favorite….

12. “Vegetarians are just lousy hunters.”
I could be a lousy hunter, but truly I don’t know if I am one because I’ve never been hunting. I don’t choose to kill animals as a “sport” (if you can even call it that, how much energy are you really exerting while hunting???????). Anywho, I choose not to judge you for what you enjoy doing! Just don’t judge me for not wanting to hunt.




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