Don’t just be you.

Don’t just be you.

Being “yourself” takes a lot more than just posting a status on FaceBook saying you’re original, getting “be yourself” tattooed on your wrist, or doing things that are abnormal. To tell you the truth: everyone does things that are abnormal. It makes me so upset seeing young people emulate others so much, to the point where they lose themselves. Being yourself is so important, because you’re the only you there is. I guess I ended up writing a little list of things that are wrong with not being you.


1. Trying so hard to be someone else gets tiring, doesn’t it?
I’m talking about little things as much as big things. Something as simple as what music you listen to, what your hobbies are, what clothes you actually like, etc. Just choose what you truly like because remembering all these little lies will become stressful and unnerving, and eventually (embarrassingly) catch up to you. Having your real thoughts in the back of your mind as you’re speaking these fake thoughts just seems like too hard of a job. I promise it is much, much easier to just speak the truth and the right people will love you for it.

2. No one can actually like you, because you don’t even like you.
It’s extremely hard to be around someone who doesn’t like themselves. This may sound vain, but if you don’t even like you, then what the heck am I doing trying to like you? People give off certain vibes, and if you don’t like yourself, you bet your butt we can all tell! It’s a certain negative energy that comes off that isn’t very attractive. It’s hard to force yourself to like someone when all they are is negative. If you enjoy yourself, you are outwardly positive, happy, and lively. That’s the person we want to see and like!

3. The “you” people like isn’t actually you.
If you pretend to be something you’re not, you’re going to attract the people that like that thing that you’re pretending to like/be. Just as the old saying: like hangs out with like. So, if you don’t put your true self out there, you’re going to be hanging around people who don’t actually know you or actually care for anything that you do. Why would you do that to yourself?

4. Not being happy with yourself leads to bad relationships.
Just love yourself. Love yourself because you deserve to be loved! Don’t stress out over trying to obsess over the cool new things. Love what you love and love yourself. Then people who love you will TRULY love you and be worth hanging around. This will lead to healthy relationships with friends and significant others.

5. Your real self is a beautiful person too, we deserve to see THAT you!
Shaming yourself to the point where you are emulating another person isn’t healthy for yourself. You deserve to be yourself, and people who judge that person don’t deserve you! I want you to understand that the real you is extremely important and that person doesn’t deserve to be changed for anyone. You need to be you, it’s crucial.

6. We can see that you are lying, and it makes us sad.
I kid you not, it’s completely obvious when people pretend to be someone they’re not. Maybe I have a 6th sense, but I can always tell! And instead of judging or calling them out, I just feel extreme sadness. It makes me sad that someone would feel the need to completely change themselves in order to fit in or attract a certain person. These fake choices, emotions, actions might make you happy for a day, a week, maybe even a couple years, but being your true self will make you happy for a lifetime.




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