College targets: An Uprising

The reason I’m choosing to write on this [controversial] topic is because the latest target college is less than 20 minutes from my house. Even if it wasn’t, this is [just] a tragic topic. 

It’s just not fair.

May 25, 2014: (UCSB) Santa Barbara, California


He [Elliot Rodger, 22] fatally stabbed three men in his residence, shot two women to death in front of a sorority house, shot a man to death inside a deli, exchanged gunfire twice with police and injured 13 people as he drove from block to block, the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office said Saturday night. (Source)

Watch the horrifying film he posted warning people before the shooting here: Watch

Titles for news on this shooting:

My problem with this title is that it gives him fame. His name is pointless. Even though he’s dead now, often killers love the fame they receive from the media. My problem is that the victims deserve to be recognized, not the killer. He’s useless. He’s useless to the media because he did no good. Why doesn’t it say Santa Barbara shooter killed six sorority girls named ___? They deserve more recognition than the killer.

His father, Peter Rodger, works in the film industry and was the second unit assistant director on the first “The Hunger Games” film, according to a spokeswoman for Lionsgate. (Source)

More fame for this horrific shooter.

My problem with this title is that it’s true. What is this nation coming to? Sure there are still many, many amazing people here.. but it’s become the norm to hear about killings in the media and on the news. Not to bash the media because you know, it IS their job to report what’s going on, but should they have so many shootings to report? Our nation is scaring me…

June 5, 2014: (SPU) Seattle, Washington


At least three people were shot on the Seattle Pacific University campus Thursday afternoon, police said.  The school was put in lockdown and one suspect was taken into custody, police added. (Source)

Police sources told Q13 FOX News that an “agitated” man with a shotgun told two people to remain still. When one moved, the gunman shot him. The second person sprayed Mace at the gunman, who then shot the second person in the face, police said. (Source)

There aren’t many news articles about this shooting yet because it was only about 2.5 hours ago. It just baffles me that someone would go to a young college town and shoot whoever they see, because they were “agitated.” I mean, I’m agitated sometimes but I take it out doing yoga, eating ice cream, or running. Not with killing people. [This is not to say there weren’t other factors, i.e. mental disease, because I don’t know yet].

The suspect was an SPU student.

Recap: My fear is that these College shootings are becoming a trend. People see that this Santa Barbara shooter “went down with fame,” and they want to copy him. There have also been a number of robberies in the Seattle area, that aren’t exactly related in such a close way as these two shootings, but still along the same lines. For some reason people like to outdo others, and I feel that maybe the College shootings are going to keep occurring at different locations, for other people to “prove their worth” [or so they think]. Hopefully I’m wrong.

-College towns are easy targets because young adults are away from their protective parents for the first times. Why not go and shoot them or steal from them? If you ask me, that’s as low as you can get. Targeting someone when they’re already struggling is just terrible.



3 thoughts on “College targets: An Uprising

  1. Great blog!
    I attend Seattle Pacific University and live across the street from where it happened, so it definitely hits close to home. My heart goes out to the students, victims, faculty, and staff.

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