Nature gets me through those days

If you don’t like nature, great. If you do, even better. Frankly, I don’t care. Nature gets me through my worst days. The days I don’t want to leave my dark room and turn off Netflix, the days I don’t want to put on “normal” clothes and take my hair out of my bun that’s bigger than my head, the days that I could punch anyone who even said “hi” to me… Those days. All I have to do is get myself out of bed and outside, and it’s like a completely new me! I could take on the world, or so it feels. So bottom line, whatever gets you through THOSE DAYS, is worth it. No matter how much other people hate or love it. It’s your thing! I choose nature and yoga.

Here are a few things that have gotten me through the bitter, recent “those days”…










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