Oprah: an inspiration in coffee culture


[yes they always spell my name wrong]

This may just be a sleeve to you. This may just be something you throw away after you finished your skinny vanilla latte in the 10 minutes you had to get to work. Or this may be something you completely fell in love with; I know I did.

Even though coffee is a definitely habit for me, I still take joy in it and love the whole coffee culture here in Seattle. Oprah has not only made that love stronger, but also managed to inspire me more. These quotes are sometimes what get me through those days..

Often times I drink my coffee before relaxing yoga and meditation. I drink my coffee between shifts at work and watch the birds fly around the trees. I drink my coffee while I walk around Greenlake with my teacup poodle. I drink my coffee while I’m writing my thoughts in my journal. So needless to say, I drink my coffee a lot and even though the caffeine does make me awake and jittery, it gives me a sense of comfort. And these quotes just made the feeling intensify!



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