Why having European grandparents is the best

Why having European grandparents is the best.



They don’t beat around the bush.
If they don’t want you in their house, they’ll be sure to tell you. Not to be rude or anything, they just know when they’re done visiting and won’t pretend for hours that they’re happy endlessly entertaining you. It hurts your feelings a little (not really) but it’s also adorable and cute that they don’t realize the social norms in America (or Seattle at least) where we can’t say no to save our lives. I’ve dragged on many visiting times for hours just to save someone else’s feelings (what about my own?).

They gave you amazing mixed genes
You will forever thank them for your unique look. Every time someone says “woah where are you from??” You smile in your head as you picture your little grandparents in Europe (Hungary and Germany for me). You love your harsh dark features and thick hair.. And how you managed to have olive skin but freckles at the same time? Thank the damn mixed God, or your grandparents, because you’re lucky you’re European!


They offer you everything.
Ever since I was a kid I have never left my grandparents house without a few bags of candy, maybe some silverware, a spare book, a few movies, and hey let’s throw in a couch too. Maybe American grandparents do it too (I wouldn’t know, I have none..) but I do know that the European culture is very giving. And when you say “hey I like that” a Europeans immediate response is “well take it!” As opposed to the American response: “oh my gosh isn’t it amazing? I got it at Nordstrom it was like $300 but I never use it. You should totally get one!” Nope. No matter how expensive, if you want it they give it.

They put everything in jars
Maybe this is a weird reason, but it’s adorable.. And totally European.

They make you great food
Oh you think your grandparents hamburgers, ribs, mashed potatoes, or the pizza they got at Dominos is good? Try having Hungarian goulash, German stews, sauerkraut (if you like that sort of thing), German-ized spaghetti with potato noodles, any sort of German pastry or desert, not to mention all in vegetarian/vegan options as well! I couldn’t go a week without their food. Let’s admit it, half the reason for going to Europe is the delicious food, well how cool is it that with European grandparents I can have it at any given moment…

They yell in their language
When they get mad at you, they go off at you in their native language, probably saying all kinds of nasty things (no, just kidding they would never) and you can’t understand them! No feeling bad about yourself, no need to defend yourself, no need to do anything besides nod and say “yes.”

They have the cutest accents
Imagine going to your grandparents, and the age gap obviously means hours of you listening about how to knit a tree skirt (literally), what happened in WWII, what happened in swim class the other morning, and other random facts. Well obviously these conversations can be interesting and you love your grandparents, so you listen. But having European grandparents gives you the awesome advantage that if you ever get bored, you can silently snicker to yourself about their funny use of pronouns and their adorable accents. It’s a great distraction!

Tv in different language
Nothing on tv? Change it to German tv. Even if you can’t understand, promise it’s extremely entertaining.

They don’t understand your slang
This can go two ways.. They either think it’s hilarious and want to know what the heck you just said (imagine explaining rachet to an immigrant). Or you can accidentally slip and call someone an extremely bad slang word not to be said around family, and they don’t even bat an eye for the sole reason that, well, they didn’t understand it.

And a serious reason:

They have history
You can never get bored with European grandparents and their stories (not to get confused with what I said before. I said IF you got bored you could distract yourself with their accent… I can’t get bored with mine). Anyway, you constantly hear stories about their struggle to immigrate, the children they had in different countries, the hardships they had during WWII, the reasons why they came to Seattle, WA of all places, and the cute little European way that they met at a random gelato shop when they both didn’t speak English or each other’s language.

The elderly are truly the treasures of the world. They know what you don’t know yet, and you will be them one day. Cherish every single one of them.



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