Why I think you should own a dog

This little ball of fluff is my life. I had no idea what love or happiness really were until this little 6 pound dog came into my chaotic, messed up life.


With that being said, I think everyone should have a dog (besides the homeless, don’t even get me started on that) for the following reasons.

Dogs give you a purpose
On those days you just feel unmotivated, you feel like you don’t matter, you feel like no one would care if you just got up and drove to Oregon without saying a word… You can look into those little black eyes and realize someone would definitely care. Your dog would care because they can’t live without you. You are their sole provider. You have a purpose and that purpose is to give that dog the best life they could imagine.

You can buy them ridiculously cute clothes.
There’s not much I love more than humiliating my dog by dressing him up. Honestly though, Laranzo loves clothes. My friends always say “he looks naked!” When he rarely doesn’t have clothes on. This is a fun hobby and seriously can uplift your mood in seconds.







Dogs give you a reason to get out of house
If you’re a lazy person and never go on runs or even walks, a dog is the perfect way to get you out and moving. Sure you can get a little chihuahua that “doesn’t need walks” (still does, shut up), but then eventually your house will smell like crap and dead animals all the time. Dogs love walks, they love nature, they love chasing squirrels, they love rolling in the grass.. And they can teach you to love it too!

Dogs teach you responsibility.
As I said before, I seriously didn’t know responsibility till I got my little crazy dog. Yes, I lived on my own and paid bills, bought groceries, etc. already. But that isn’t all responsibility is about. When I got my dog, I quickly had to start figuring out what to do with him if I had to leave for a few hours, I had to start scheduling his appointments on top of mine, I had to start buying his food as well as my own, I bathe him, I take him wherever I go, I have to take him on my runs with me (which I grew to love), etc. He gave me a purpose on days that I felt I didn’t have one.

Dogs give you someone to talk to.
This is my “conversation” every morning. “Hey, Ronzo? You awake yet? Should we actually get up or should we sleep longer?” *Ronzo blinks at me and stretches which obviously means he isn’t judging me and we will sleep longer.* “Alright, if you say so. We’ll go back to sleep for another half hour..” I know that stretch and blink meant he was still tired, too.. Even so, dogs are great to talk to. They listen to your problems, they can sometimes answer back (with wagging their tail, cocking their head, licking you, smiling..), and they don’t judge a thing (or so I think..).

Dogs give you companionship as long as they can.
This is explained perfectly by the quote “he may only be a part of your life, but to him you are his whole life.” Give your dog the same love he gives to you. He never leaves your side. He’s excited to see you whenever you show up, he is excited to do anything with you, he follows you when you get up to go to the bathroom which may be annoying at times, but you’ll miss it when it’s gone.. On a day you are lonely or don’t feel like seeing anyone, your dog is right by your side as the perfect companion.

They give you unconditional love.
I can’t say how important this is. Your best friend, your sister, your mother, your aunt may love you, but not on the same way a dog does. A dog is there solely to listen (maybe cause they have to and they literally can’t cut you off, but that’s besides the point). They are there every time you’re sad, no questions asked. They will never feed you an excuse. They’re always there to support you and cheer you up!


They give you a way to connect with others.
I can’t tell you how many people I have met through our shared love for dogs. Whether I met them from watching their dog for them, met them at the park because our dogs got along, or they admired my dog so we got to talking, each person I have met is amazing and I’m glad I met them!

So please, get a dog. You won’t regret it. Also if you don’t like dogs, I’m afraid of you. Very afraid. Something is wrong there.



2 thoughts on “Why I think you should own a dog

  1. I totally agree. I got my family dog tattooed on me because I totally believe dogs are the best friends you can have. I volunteer at the shelter and there are so many amazing dogs that have been thrown away by awful people. I wish I could give them all a happy, safe home.

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