Yoga does something that nothing else can

it frees your mind

I haven’t always loved yoga. And I definitely don’t recommend it as your daily dose of exercise. Of course it’s a good way to help your body stay lean and definitely increase flexibility, but yoga itsself doesn’t actually burn many calories. That being said, yoga isn’t only for the health/benefit of your body.

But yoga heals the mind. Actually, technically speaking yoga is a state of mind, and a state of well being. Let our mind be at ease and if you’re still thinking, you’re not in yoga. Yoga is used to rest the mind and to grow more in touch with your body. Let’s be honest, we could all use an hour or two to every once in a while (or daily!) to not think.

When I was in a weird funk as I like to call it, I fell in love with yoga. It’s my quiet time, my alone time, my me time. It helped me understand my body and why I was feeling down all the time. It helped me express myself when I didn’t know how. It saved me..

if you think yoga is boring or too slow, you don’t know yoga

Whatever your pre- judgements are on yoga, erase them for just an hour and try it. You may be surprised how much you like it, just like I was…





So what is Zen, you ask?


Nowadays, it’s more common to hear people say zen is a garden you put on your desk that you can rake when you’re stressed but no one actually does it’s just for looks or an activity that takes your mind off of what’s bugging you or some other random bullcrap that people say when they’re following a trend instead of being authentic and actually knowing what “they’re into”.

That being said, the true question to ask is “when is zen? And zen is now. Zen is being completely and fully aware of the here and now. Don’t worry about the past for it’s the past, don’t fret the future for it hasn’t come yet… Be in the now, because you are here now. The main point is to not get lost in the past or future because life will quickly pass you by… live life in a state of zen•



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