The BEST workout secret to lose weight fast.

there is no secret, get off your ass and work for it.


I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to see that everyone is trying to workout and be healthy… But with this lifestyle comes hard work and dedication, because it is just that: a lifestyle. It’s not a pill you can take, it’s not a magic juice/fruit you eat, it’s not a secret new workout. It’s hard work.

So as I do love this whole workout phase, I know it’s just that: a phase. I know this because I fell into that pattern. I tried to start working out again after about 2 years of not working out. I tried to find all these easy ways that will make me happy about my body right away. I felt unmotivated and gave up because I wasn’t seeing results quickly.

do you know why?

Because the juicing diets are cleanses not diets. You can’t workout for ten minutes and expect abs in 21 days. You can’t expect the easy way out to work. You gotta work hard for it.

People don’t understand that a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. It’s not an easy way out, it’s not a Golden ticket, you are not exempt from hard work. You are just like the rest of us and if you want that amazing body that everyone can have, you get off your damn ass and go get it.

thank you.



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