Break the Habit

let’s talk about things that make us happy instead of things that made us sad


Hey, I have an idea. How about instead of talking about our feelings and why they upset us.. Maybe we talk about the things that make us happy?
I know you have all heard this many, many times: “you need to talk about your feelings. Get them out. It’ll help.” Well, did it help?

I know for some cases, such as therapy, or terrible things that need to be talked about, talking about your issues is one of the best forms of coping and will truly help your problem; this topic is not just black and white.

But I know from experience that when I talk about my bad feelings every day, to “get them out,” it has me feeling crappy. Id rather talk about warm beaches, or my upcoming vacations, or the stuff I bought at Nordstrom yesterday, or my amazing boyfriend.

Talk about things when they need to be talked about. When you need to let it out. But don’t overuse this idea, you’ll get stuck in the pattern.

Be positive. Be happy.



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