Why I don’t believe in Test Grades





…am I an idiot?

Throughout school I have always felt sort of like an… idiot, for lack of better words. I’ve always received sub-par grades and never really been the top of my class. Of course this led to me feeling incompetent and unmotivated. Well, when I kind of grew out of my shell as I got older, and I got to know more people and branched out, I realized I’m a pretty well-rounded person and I’m actually quite intelligent- book and street wise. So naturally, this got me to thinking about how school systems work (or mine in Seattle, Washington) and why I get such bad grades if I’m smart.

My number one problem with schools and how they grade is test scores. It’s not fair to teach on a broad subject, but scrutinize the tests into tiny seemingly pointless details. My example of this would be a test on WWII. Of course I’m going to know who the main allies of the war were, the date it took place, the main people involved, probably the presidents of each country at the time, etc. But a test would ask me: Who was Hitler’s cousin’s daughter’s fiancé? How is this going to help me in remembering WWII? When I’m studying, why would I remember that unimportant, tiny, STUPID detail? It’s not fair.

It’s not fair to test on unrelated topics.

Not to mention these stupid tests make up for a majority of the grade you receive in the class. So hey, you better remember Romeo and Juliet’s best friends daughters baby daddy’s name or you’re going to fail your English class. And just to let you know, even if you could write an autobiography on Martin Luther King, be given a blank map and write every single country and major city in it, all of the wars throughout the U.S.’ history, or every single president and vice president in the U.S. history, you would still fail your class because you didn’t remember the man’s daughter’s of the sister’s friend who started the transatlantic railroad.

Now I’m not blaming one person. Because it could be the school board, it could be the particular school, it could be the principal, it could be the teacher, whoever. I just think that writing an essay on a book and showing you understand the entire concept is a lot more worthy than answering 10 multiple choice bullshit questions and having that count for 90% of your grade.

You can think of it this way.. You’re applying for your dream job and the interviewer just asks you “what middle school did your father go to?” and your answer is part of the reason why you get or don’t get the job. The middle school your father attended has NOTHING to do with the job you’re applying for, the skills you have that will help you, your customer service experience, anything. It’s just a random, unrelated question. That’s how I feel about most of the questions on tests. It doesn’t test your knowledge, it tests your trivia.

It’s not just me. The just pretty much don’t use standardized testing at all. They focus more on helping the students become well-rounded people, and help them get on the correct track for their careers. Grades aren’t really emphasized and aren’t even given to students until high school. This is a lot different than how I was raised, because even if I didn’t understand a concept in my class, I would do anything to cram for that class to get a 91.5% so I could get that A and keep my GPA up. Even though I had no idea what the class was about.

We wonder why doctors are moving here from out of country and becoming our leading heart surgeons, best eye doctors, etc? Well, chances are they have better training and education than any doctor from here.. The U.S. can really from other countries and their education systems. It’s not just a blog I’m writing or a few articles I’ve read, there is proof that other countries do it better than us. We may be the “land of the free” or the “most successful” (which we’re not) but we’re also the land of the



The Problem with this Generation

The problem with the “current generation” is that we are trying to find the problem with the current generation.

It is you putting into their head that all of these things need to define them.


You blame them for everything.
When a school shooting occurs, the first thing said is “What is this world coming to?” When a child harms anything, the first thing said is “What happened to this generation?” When anything happens there is always an automatic blame on this generation. Well you know what? I call bullshit. There has always been school shootings, or murders in general, people have always harmed others, and bad shit has always happened. You can’t say that this generation is the first to have failed a few times.

You have no faith in them.
If you have no faith in the younger generations, how are they going to have faith in themselves? You hardly give them any credit and they haven’t even been given a chance to prove themselves. I’d imagine it’s hard growing up and hearing all the time that you are the failure generation. They need guidance and support, not constant criticism.

You have lower expectations for them.
For some reason people have started saying “wow technology is smarter than people now!” so the children of this generation are almost expected to be dumb. Why expect them to be smart if they have an iPhone that can be smart for them? The truth is, technology is growing, but that doesn’t mean the human brain needs to shrink. Have faith in your children, push them to succeed, and they can be just as smart if not smarter than you ever were.

You’re trying to place blame for their failure.
Trying to find the blame for this “messed up” generation is just crude. Think how you would feel if someone scrutinized your every move and was constantly on the look out for the thing that caused your failure. You would feel like a giant pile of horse shit, let me tell you. It is not the video games, it is not the cell phones, it is not the social media, it is not the word “rachet,” it is not rap music, it is not violent movies. It is you putting into their head that all of these things need to define them.

You don’t see the positive in the technology they use.
It is so easy and people are so quick to blame technology for every single fricken thing that happens in this messed up world. You can’t pick and choose. Do you like technology or not? Because almost every household has a TV now, pretty much everyone has a cell phone and a computer as well. Technology is all around us. Of course children use it too much, but isn’t there something you did too much as a child as well? Probably. Technology has come a long way. Look at our medicine nowadays. There is so much positive! Not to mention your kids are learning so much more in school now that there are computers and the internet!

Also, let me break it to you. I see you moms out there giving your 2 year old your iPad to keep them “busy.” I see you letting your kids watch movies all day because you’re “busy.” If you want them to use less technology, maybe try taking them on more vacations! Go to the beach! Go to Greenlake without giving your kid your cell phone while they lay in the stroller. Give them less technology, and they’ll use less.. just a suggestion!

Disclaimer: I think, no I know, each and every one of us sad little humans on earth could use about 50% less technology and go out and see the world instead. But technology is also very useful in many, many different ways. How are you going to get a job nowadays without technology?

You’re causing them to live in fear.
With this constant scrutiny of the generation now, they live in fear. They live in fear that they will never live up to you because “they don’t have to work as hard as you did.” They live in fear that they will never be as smart as you because they know they “didn’t have to work as hard as you did.” They know that technology makes things easier for them, but it can also take them far in a different direction. This fear of failure and fear of being stupid is a huge burden on this generation, and that in itself might lead to the destruction of humanity, not the technology and media nowadays.

There is nothing wrong with them.
Do you know why no real reason has stuck and been successfully proven for being the sole cause of this messed up generation? It’s because they’re not messed up. They’re immature, they’re young, they’re naive, they make bad decisions, but so does everyone. That’s how you learn! There is no reason for this messed up generation because they are perfectly fine. They will do just great in their lives and successfully prove everyone wrong.

They didn’t ask for this.
Things don’t just happen over night. Overtime, of course social norms are going to change, fads are going to go in and out, etc. The children of this generation certainly did not plan out this giant BOOM of change for you and decide they were going to be failures for fun. #1 because they’re not failures and #2 because thats just stupid. They’re living how they know to live, and using the resources that they have. Let them live.

Well you know what? If you don’t want your children to be tainted and stupid, go live in a shoebox with your angelic, untainted child because this is what the world is like now and the only thing making it worse is you.